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Anderson and Web are delighted to be able to offer you a fine collection of stunning jewellery featuring the gorgeous purple hues of Amethyst. This natural gemstone is a crystalline form of quartz and has been prized since antiquity for its beautiful colour and special properties.

Across the centuries amethyst has been considered to possess many powers, all of them positive. The name of the gemstone was derived from the Greek amethystos meaning not intoxicated. In ancient Greece and Rome the gem was believed to ward off drunkenness with many drinking vessels being carved from the crystal. Egyptian warriors wore amethyst amulets to guard against guilt and fear in battle. Crystal healers use the gemstone to this day to treat insomnia, induce good dreams and to cure problems with the heart and lungs. It is also widely used as an aid to meditation because of its power to calm and purify the mind.

Amethyst is an important gem in the practice of Feng Shui where it is strategically placed to purify any space and to bring balance and a calming effect to a building. Amethyst is indeed a significant gem for many reasons and has also been used in jewellery and ornamentation for thousands of years.

Whether as a touch of class to compliment a special outfit or as a dash of colour for any occasion, amethyst makes a fabulous addition to your jewellery collection. Our amethyst square cut pendant and matching silver amethyst earrings are classically elegant with a modern twist whilst our amethyst and diamond heart necklace exudes romance.  Stand out from the crowd with the timeless elegance and vibrant colour of amethyst in beautifully crafted pieces from Anderson and Webb.

If you are looking to buy a gift for someone special then amethyst jewellery is the perfect choice. Take a look at our pendants, necklaces, earrings and jewellery sets and you are sure to find just the right style and remember that amethyst is of special significance to those born in February being the birthstone of the month.

Whatever the occasion and whoever you are treating to a gift you simply cannot go wrong with glorious amethyst, a most beautiful and significant gemstone.

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Amethyst Ball Stud Earrings
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