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It's always nice to have some thing that matches. to give your outfit that polished look and jewellery is no exception. Where possible at Anderson and Webb we like to offer matching earrings with every necklace and sometimes even a matching bracelet or watch. And because spending that little bit more it sometimes a bit of a stretch we often give a discount when buying the necklace and earring. For instance with all our coloured pearls we give 5 off when you buy the matching earrings.

With some of more expensive necklaces we often give away Free earrings, for instance both our Blue Topaz Necklaces are available with FREE matching white topaz earrings - which if bought individually would cost 29.99

With most of our longer pearl necklaces you can always find a pair of matching earrings either in pearls or pick up one of the semi-precious stones. Where possible we always provide the opportunity for you to complete the  look.

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